Careers in Banking Panel

Our panel comprised of all UVM alums, Rich Quad ‘90 Co-Head Financial Institutions, Griffin Financial, Robert Plante ‘82 EVP COO, Peapack Gladstone Bank, and Rob Miller ‘89 CEO, VT State Employees Credit Union.


The panel covered a lot of ground regarding the business of banking; including its’ outlook and the role it plays as the economic engine along with small business, the rapid rate of change within the industry (new products, mobile platforms, payment apps, automation), blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and the wide spectrum of career opportunities the industry contains including HR, accounting, finance, IT, risk management, operations, audit, regulatory compliance, business development, loans and mortgages, marketing, asset management and more.

The panel also highlighted their own career paths and shared some insights about their journeys. Observations centered on the skills and personality traits necessary in the competitive banking world and beyond. Rich Quad noted the need for sophisticated communication and interpersonal skills, how helpful it is to understand financial statements and accounting principles, and the need to enjoy a good work-life balance; a sentiment echoed by all of the panelists.

Rob Miller encouraged students to relax…any decisions they make are all part of their journey, but remaining open and curious about opportunities will serve them well. He also stressed that it’s okay to take risks, especially to ensure happiness which makes for a more fulfilling career. Rob encouraged students to measure their success by their happiness; and not to get trapped in titles, status and salaries.

Robert Plante stressed with the increasing globalization of business, how important international opportunities can be and that career paths rarely follow a straight line; expect them to zig-zag.

Following the panel, panelists met with students in a roundtable format allowing for networking and more in-depth conversations.

Thank you to our panelists for your valuable time, and sharing your expertise and experiences.

By Amanda Simpfenderfer
Amanda Simpfenderfer Amanda Simpfenderfer