Meet the Panelists – Trish Tweedley

Senior Director, Development and Exempt Organizations

Trish has more than 25 years of experience in the tax-exempt sector working with a wide range of tax-exempt organizations, including private and corporate foundations, institutions of higher education, governmental entities NGOs, and other organizations with local, national, and multi-national operations. Her work has focused on the design of strategic programming, which is aligned with the organizational mission and the assessment of needs and established criteria to organizations in the international development sector. Her experience includes advising corporate and private foundation clients on a variety of issues, including operational processes and infrastructure, domestic and international granting, program strategy and design, capacity building, communication programs and governance issues.

Trish has a background in Global Health and was the first Director for Education and International Programs at the American Foundation for AIDS Research. (amfAR) Additionally, she was a member of the team at the Rockefeller Foundation that created and launched the HIV/AIDS Alliance as well as the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. She has been a grant-maker in the area of Humanitarian Aid, responsible for sourcing and supporting organizations serving the gulf region after Hurricane Katrina and in South Asia after the Tsunami in 2005. More recently, Trish was responsible for the creation and implementation of a strategic plan in Children’s Health for a number of privately held family foundations with a focus on Africa.

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By Amanda Simpfenderfer
Amanda Simpfenderfer Amanda Simpfenderfer