Know Your Concentration: Finance

Interested in a Concentration in Finance? Learn more from Associate Professor Michael Tomas below!

Michael Tomas, started at UVM in 2003 and has taught:

    • BSAD 180 (Managerial Finance)
    • BSAD 308 (Corporate Finance – original MBA program)
    • BSAD 184 (Financial Institutions and Markets)
    • BSAD 384 (graduate Financial Institutions and Markets)
    • BSAD 282 (Security Valuation and Portfolio Theory)
    • BSAD 285 (Options and Futures)
    • BSAD 288 (Wall Street Honors Seminar)

Can you give a brief overview of what it means to be a Finance concentration?

My one sentence definition of finance: “Finance is the study of price versus value.”  Many, if not most aspects of finance, involve some element of valuation, whether it is from the view of the corporation (or not-for-profit) making investment decisions in “real” assets, or that of the investor, valuing financial instruments, as a way to save money (stocks, bonds, commodities …).

What are some important things for students interested in Finance to know?

That finance is not just about crunching numbers.  You need to have the ability to communicate your ideas concisely.  You need to be able to work with people, very often in teams.

What are some big things happening in Finance right now?

The continued leveraging of technology (automation, artificial intelligence, continued evolution of online and mobile delivery of financial products to consumers…).  Fin Tech continues to be a hot topic.

What types of careers could students with a Finance concentration pursue?

Too many to list!  Areas: Commercial Banking, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Investment Planning and Money Management, Insurance, Real Estate, Commodities…  Many of those areas have some type of “Entry Level Analyst” or “Entry Level Advisor” positions.  There are also positions in sales, trading, back & middle office (administrative support areas that do not meet directly with clients).

By Amanda Simpfenderfer
Amanda Simpfenderfer Amanda Simpfenderfer