Know Your Theme: Global Business

Interested in a Theme in Global Business? Learn more from Associate Professor Chun Zhang below!

Chun Zhang, started at UVM in 2005 and has taught:

    • BSAD 150 Marketing Management
    • BSAD 258 International Market Analysis

Can you give a brief overview of what it means to be an Global Business theme

A student in the GB theme should understand how to analyze businesses and markets in the face of challenges created by the CAGE (Cultural, Administrative, Geographical, and Economic) factors.

What are some important things for students interested in Global Business to know

Global business may not be your first job, but it will be the business context you work in.  It may be an eye-opening experience for you to learn how businesses around the world operate and understand divergent consumption needs and habits around the world.

What are some big things happening in Global Business right now

The international trade environment has changed significantly and affects how businesses operate in, source from, and market to different country markets. The changing environment may be a crisis for some, yet opportunities for those who can create innovative business models and products to survive or even thrive.

What types of careers could students with an Global Business theme pursue

Here are some examples of possible international business jobs, and I’m sure there are more: Import or export-oriented companies and agents, export assistance centers, multinational corporations, educational institutions working with international students and clients, etc.

By Amanda Simpfenderfer
Amanda Simpfenderfer Amanda Simpfenderfer