Internship Spotlight: UVM Student Government Association Treasurer

Name: Jared Percoco

Organization: University of Vermont, Student Government Association

Title: Treasurer

This year working for the Student Government Association was a great experience and helped me gain a lot of new skills along with giving me opportunities to apply my knowledge from my finance and accounting classes to a real job scenario.  As the Treasurer I helped 200+ clubs manage their finances and explained accounting rules and processes to club treasurers who were not informed on the matter. I was given the authority to approve student’s requests to enhance their leadership skills through our Leadership Development Fund.  As Treasurer, I was also assigned to the University’s Audit Committee and Incentive Based Budget Steering Committee.  Serving on these committees was a great way for me to get connected with administration and gain a lot of new knowledge.  SGA is a great way to get involved on campus and helped me stay up to date on major issues going on here at UVM.

By Amanda Simpfenderfer
Amanda Simpfenderfer Amanda Simpfenderfer