Finance Meets Creatives: A NEW Summer Internship

Our business alumnus, Nick Cianci, is starting his own financial advisory firm and wants to recruit an intern this summer!

His goal is to be the premier financial advisor for the Creators of the world from musicians to filmmakers and app developers. Nick + his team are looking for someone willing to accept college credit with the potential for a bonus at the end of the summer if the business has done well and gotten off of its feet.

MUSE Capital Management has not launched a website yet (due to regulatory reasons) but plans on doing so in the near future. If  you are interested in learning more, please connect with Nick Cianci directly via email ( and learn more about Nick’s career here.

Ideal Candidate

*   Looking for someone who’s family lives in the area so they do not have to pay for rent in the summer without an income (a free housing opportunity may become available but is not guaranteed)
*   Very outgoing person with a sales mentality that doesn’t give up
*   Interest in the markets
*   Looking for hard workers willing to learn on the fly at a new company and take on all different roles
*   Programming knowledge is a very big plus as we are looking for lead generation

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By Claire Raabe
Claire Raabe External Engagement Liaison Claire Raabe