New FabLab Studio Art Class!

Welcome back to campus!

There is a new studio art class being offered this fall, Digital Fabrication ARTS 195 Section B 96029.

In this class you will develop creative and technical skills in a fun and experimental art studio environment and learn new technologies and design software to express  your ideas, inventions, art and designs.

This course is an introduction to digital fabrication and 3D modeling. Through the process of drawing and making geometrical objects you will get to employ 3D printing, CNC machining and laser cutting technologies. Students will be introduced to 3D modeling software and Adobe Creative Suite; projects will be fabricated with materials such as paper, fabric, wood and biodegradable plastic. This course presents an exciting opportunity to work with the UVM FabLab and learn about how contemporary artists, designers and architects are using digital fabrication.

This class meets MW 4:25-6:15pm.

By Heather Garrow
Heather Garrow Heather Garrow