COVID-19 and Jobs – Frequently Asked Questions

We know wrapping up your final year as a college student is tough enough without a pandemic response. Those of you looking for your first jobs out of school are likely wrestling with some competing anxieties. All of us at the Grossman School of Buisness are here to help you stay on track and navigate this critical time between college and career.

This blog post encompasses some of the most pressing questions and help connect you with resources to make the most out of the next few months. Stay tuned for more resources and updates over the coming weeks! 

Is there someone I can talk to about questions I have, reviewing my resume/cover letters, my job search, where I should be looking, etc.?

Yes. Madison Berry, Student Success Advisor & Employer Engagement Liaison, is available for appointments. Log into Navigate by clicking here, and schedule an appointment for “career coaching” with her through the Grossman School of Business. Whether you need some help honing your materials, or you don’t know where to start, GSB is here to help.

If you just need a resume/cover letter review, or if you’d rather just talk over email, you can send your materials directly to

The UVM Career Center is also fully available to help you with every step of the career process! Click here to read about their remote options and check out their library of tools.

Should I be applying to jobs right now?

Yes. This is a great time to work on your job hunt and professional materials.

That said, if you are sick or struggling with remote learning, you have every right to take care of yourself. This is a great life skill to learn early: prioritize your personal wellbeing so you can do your best.

Are companies even still hiring?

It may be surprising, but yes. Even now, new positions are still going up every day across most sectors.

Will the pandemic response change hiring timelines?

Maybe. Some companies may delay interviews, or start new roles later than they might have otherwise. But still, others may dive right in with remote interviews and work from home. It’s going to vary. Just know you may have to be flexible.

I haven’t started writing my resume/looking for jobs/applying to openings yet. Is it too late?

Not at all! Everyone will work at their own pace. A majority of our graduates find full-time positions in the three months that follow graduation. Now is a perfect time to get started.

What are some websites I should be using for my job search?

Handshake is full of employers who want UVM students, so start there. I also recommend Indeed and Glassdoor for broader searching.

Vermont-based jobs can be found at, VBSR, and ThinkVermont.

AngelList is a good place if you’re interested in start-ups, and is great for finding non-profit work.

If you’re looking for something remote – now, or any time – then try and Jobspresso.

By Madison Berry
Madison Berry Student Success Advisor & Employer Engagement Liaison Madison Berry