5 Action Items to Boost Your Job Search (Even During COVID-19)

For soon-to-be graduates, facing the start of your career during a pandemic can be daunting. And if you haven’t been able to start your job hunt, it may feel even more so.

Remember: even if you have not started applying, now is always a great time to start.

But if getting going is the hardest part, focusing on a few things you can do right now — even during quarantineis a great way to get yourself in motion. Below I’ve outlined five action items that you can tackle in under half an hour. Could you do any, or even all, of the tasks below this week? How much closer would it bring you to your career goals?

Log into Handshake and update your profile.

Flesh out your areas of interest, add more information, and upload a new resume. You’ll look professional, relevant, and motivated. Reaching out to employers will have a greater impact with a strong outward facing profile.

As a soon-to-be graduate, spruce up your LinkedIn profile.

Think of it as a “speed run” – how much can you improve in 30 minutes? Identify yourself as a graduate, not a student; update your work experience with tasks, deliverables and outcomes; craft a simple objective statement; update your headshot; and even connect with past employers, friends, and contacts. When your network knows you’re searching, they’re more likely to think of you when openings come up.

Reach out to three alumni on UVM Connect.

Once you sign up and create your profile (hint: you can import your LinkedIn information), use the Directory to search for UVM alumni by a huge number of filters – location, sector, job title, graduation year, and more. Many of them will have a “Willing to Help” banner. These graduates want to talk to UVM seniors and offer advice, mentorship, and networking. Normally you might ask them to grab coffee – for now, send them a message, introduce yourself, and ask for an informational interview or phone call.

Explore your options by reading at least one guide on Vault.com.

Vault is an amazing resource that is free for Grossman students to use. You can find in-depth reviews of agencies and firms across the country; full profiles on hundreds of roles that dive into skills needed, common career ladders, and salary projections; and tons of career advice.

Using Handshake, LinkedIn, Indeed.com, or Glassdoor.com, find and bookmark three jobs you are excited about.

Add your desired location (or don’t, if you are feeling adventurous!), a few basic keywords, and just start looking. Once you read up on some positions you like, you will begin to understand the language these postings use and what companies are looking for. It will become easier to find similar openings. Now you have a to-do list!

With your solid web presence, new network, and knowledge of your roles, you’re ready to dive into the fun part: applications.

Need help tailoring your resume and cover letter? Find a dream job but not sure where to start? Contact the Grossman School of Business career advisor, Madison.Berry@UVM.edu, or the Career Center!

By Madison Berry
Madison Berry Student Success Advisor & Employer Engagement Liaison Madison Berry