From NPR: Advice For The Anxious Post-College Job Search

NPR posted a timely article addressing one of the biggest question marks of the post-pandemic world — the post-graduate job search.

While they speak with a number of soon-to-be graduates who likely share your questions and concerns, they also speak with career professionals from around the country who have excellent advice for all college students. They offer concrete and grounded guidance to help:

Some advice from experts:

  • Be flexible. “Be flexible in exploring other industries that are thriving right now . . . how can you pivot in this time and use the skills that they’ve learned, but just applying them in a new way?”
  • Lean on your school’s supports. “[Students] can get connected to a career adviser, counselor who has access to all kinds of tools that they might draw from to help these students begin the process of beginning to sort out some of their thoughts, reactions and feelings and develop a game plan so they can get moving forward.”
  • Focus on gaining new skills. “Use this time to maybe shore up a gap in your skill set or take an existing skill to another level.”
  • Give yourself time to adjust. “People think gap year before college. How about a gap year after college?”
  • There probably isn’t a recession-proof career field. What can you do with the skills you’ve already learned? Are there any opportunities for me to learn a new skill that can apply to industries that are thriving right now?
  • There are bright spots. The current situation is going to impact industries in different ways. Bright spots include communications, consumer products, biotechnology, medical supplies and logistics.

Read the full article below for more bites of wisdom, and if you have any questions, reach out to our office or the Career Center. We’re here to help!

NPR, “Graduating In A Pandemic: Advice For The Anxious Post-College Job Search”


By Madison Berry
Madison Berry Student Success Advisor & Employer Engagement Liaison Madison Berry