How Big Data Makes Traditional Branding More Effective Than Ever

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Data is being produced in massive volume in 2019. It serves a variety of purposes in many industries. The digital marketing industry is among the sectors that is most dependent on big data. However, marketers often overlook the benefits of …

By Diana Hope
Diana Hope
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How Cybersecurity Is Creating Opportunities For Young People

Data-centric and computer-centric job positions have seen an exponential rise over the past few years. Because of this, we’re quickly seeing these kinds of positions becoming some of the most in-demand job positions in the UK.

Though engineering and …

By Andrej Kovacevic
Andrej Kovacevic
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Sprout Social raises $40.5 million to supercharge social media campaigns

Sprout Social raises $40.5 million to supercharge social media campaigns thumbnail image

Sprout Social, a Chicago-bases marketing analytics company founded in 2010, has raised $40.5 million in a round led by Future Fund.Read More

By Kyle Wiggers
Kyle Wiggers
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How Data Mining Tools Break Through Misconceptions To Optimize SEO

Big data is playing a prominent role in SEO. Most experts talk about how Google uses big data more effectively, but there are also plenty of ways that marketers use it as well. This one reason why data mining …

By Sean Mallon
Sean Mallon
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UVM Career Networking Nights

Alumni are gathering to meet you at Winter Break Networking Events! Register today. 
Join fellow UVM’ers who want to support you in your job or internship search and exploration of the world of work. Grow your network with alums from a variety of industries.   …
By Claire Raabe
Claire Raabe Claire Raabe
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