Welcome Faculty & Staff!

Share Your Expertise

As faculty you have industry insight and expertise that could be invaluable to our students as they make decisions around their themes, concentrations, and future career paths.  We encourage you to share these insights by posting blogs directly to the site.  These blogs could include interesting things happening in your industry, research you’re publishing, or anything else you think would be of interest.  Learn more about how to easily share your expertise HERE!

Engage Students with Resources

Students often come to you asking for insights and advice in their career search.  We have many resources designed the assist students in the process that are all located in our resource section.  Whether students are…

We have resources to help them with the process

Stay Up to Date on GSB Happenings

There’s often so much going on in our school that it’s hard to keep track of.  One way you can keep track of events, internships/jobs, and news is to set up your personal preferences for our weekly newsletters.  By customizing this newsletter you ensure you are getting information that is most relevant to your area.