Internship Testimonials


Grossman School of Business has a long standing history of connecting their students with challenging and motivating internships. Read on to hear stories of internship success from fellow GSB students!

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Four Nine Design
Hi, I’m Lizzie Dunn and my internship is at a web design and marketing firm called Four Nine Design, which is a full-service marketing agency specializing in strategic solutions for graphic, interactive, web, and branding needs.  This internship allowed me to work on website content, design, and brand strategy planning for their client base (companies).  Four Nine is a B2B firm working with companies and brands that need assistance with marketing, digital or visual facets of their business.  Four Nine is a friendly, open and creative office that facilitates conversation and engagement!




The Washington Spirit
Hi, I’m Carli Riibner and this semester, I was a Social Media and Communications Intern for The Washington Spirit, a professional women’s soccer team. During my internship, some of the things I got the chance to do included posting on their social media pages, assisting television announcers by giving them live statistics throughout the game, doing competitor research, and writing press releases. This was a very valuable experience because I learned what it’s like to work in the sports industry with professional athletes, front office management, and a high-level coaching staff.” 




Logic Supply
Hi, I’m Erin Mayou and I interned with Logic Supply in South Burlington the summer going into my Junior year. Logic Supply is a start-up technology corporation that focuses on manufacturing industrial PC computers. I interned in the Finance Department, working mostly with bookkeeping tasks. As a member of the Finance team, I worked with the Director of Finance and the Chief Financial Officer. I learned how to use different accounting systems and I also was able to learn how all of the different departments of a corporation work cohesively. This internship prepared me to enter the working world and I still have strong relationships with the management there even though I no longer work for the company. I had many conversations with the CFO about my career path which led me to become an accelerated Master of Accountancy student.”


Davis & Hodgon
“I interned with Davis & Hodgon in Williston, VT spring semester of my Junior year. It is a local CPA firm that handles tax and audit practices for both individuals and corporations. As an intern, I handled the duties similar to those of a entry-level accountant at a public accounting firm. I was able to experience my first tax season and get an idea of what it will be like to work as a CPA. I learned how to use tax software and was able to see the process behind preparing a tax return from beginning to end. The knowledge I gained here gave me the foundation I needed for my internship with EY the following summer, where I will be starting my career upon graduation in May.”




Hi, I’m Simon Pavlow and I wanted to share that internships allow you to apply what you learn within the walls of Grossman to a given position you take within an organization. They provide opportunities for students to gain real-world experience by placing them in a work setting engaging with a variety of tasks thus becoming more marketable to employers. Internships prove to employers that you are committed to your future and can function successfully with an organization. Companies analyze the potential of an applicant when hiring out of college, which is why having numerous internships on your resume shows them you are adaptable, engaged, and have been consistent in your aspirations following graduation. Holding intern positions for various companies throughout my college career helped me gain industry exposure, which then guided my decision to pursue a career with PepsiCo.”




Morgan Stanley
I am a recent graduate from the Grossman School of Business. While at UVM I had an Accounting Concentration and Global Business Theme. Last summer I interned at Morgan Stanley in their Equity Research Division. Their internship program was very challenging but was an extremely valuable learning experience as it provided me with the opportunity to bring concepts I learned in class to the real world. Additionally, my internship was extremely important for my career development as it ultimately lead to my current full time position at Morgan Stanleys.”





Grey Group
“Hi, I’m Julia Campanella and during the summer between my sophomore and junior year I interned at Grey Group, a globally acclaimed advertising agency. I worked in their New York City office on the account management team for Proctor & Gamble’s hair care brand Herbal Essences. My team had just started working on assisting P&G in a total rebranding of Herbal Essences making it an exciting time to be involved. Over the course of the summer I assisted with client meetings, focus groups, trafficking TV spots, competitor research and art direction. This internship proved to be paramount in helping me discover what I want my future career path to look like. I developed important skills and made incredible friends and connections who I still stay in contact with.”


Berkery Noyes
“During the summer between my junior and senior year I interned at Berkery Noyes, a boutique investment bank specializing in mergers and acquisitions located in New York City. I worked as a marketing analyst intern and completed a variety of tasks. Some of the projects I worked on included competitor research, creating trend reports after analyzing M&A deals and designing market maps for managing directors to use during client pitches. Since it was a small firm I had the ability to work closely with many managing directors as well as the CEO. Previously having little knowledge of the world of investment banking this internship was a great stepping stone. I was able to utilize marketing research skills I had learned in class as well as learn new finance concepts while working.”




Department of Homeland Security
I began my position as a Student Trainee in the Human Resources and Operation Center (HROC) for The Department of Homeland Security – United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in July of 2017. The team I am on is Quality and Employee Services Team (QuEST). The goal of the team is to ensure great services for all of USCIS. Many of the things I do in the office on a daily basis include running audits that make sure certain processes are completed correctly to make sure HROC is serving USCIS employees in the best way possible. This position has given me the opportunity to use skills I have learned as a Business Analytics major and see how they are relevant in the professional environment. I have gained a great amount of respect for how HR can impact all aspects of an organization.



Fletcher CSI
My internship experience with Fletcher/CSI provided me with new skills in secondary research, teamwork, project and presentation development, and industry knowledge. I was able to apply my academic background while simultaneously learning more about working alongside large corporations and managerial teams. I gained a deep appreciation for the investigative work done to understand various aspects of businesses and their industries such as market access and competitive analysis. Fletcher/CSI has a great team of analysts who were very supportive and willing to help me learn with first-hand experience during my internship. I’m glad I had the chance to work with the Life Sciences team at FCSI this semester!


Kathryn Maher

Logic Supply
This semester I worked with Logic Supply as a Marketing Analyst intern. Throughout my experience on the marketing team I gained valuable insights in database structure, Excel usage, and the technology industry collectively. Logic Supply is a relaxed group of hardworking and driven problem solvers, and it is great to be apart of their team. I look forward to continuing the experience over the summer!