Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club is a student-run organization that works to provide its members with the experience of running their own business. Through guest speaker seminars, pitch competitions, idea-thons and community projects, we help foster an interest in entrepreneurship, support the entrepreneurial mindset, and encourage engagement in the thriving community of young entrepreneurs in Burlington.

Our weekly club meetings in Hills 20 offer a space for sharing ideas, meeting co-founders, identifying value in new businesses and solving problems in innovative ways.We help answer questions like: How can I make something from nothing? What kind of impact can I have on my community with a good idea and the passion to try something new? Where do I look for advice, support, and funding for my growing business?

Our members have the opportunity to receive advice from successful entrepreneurs and resources to foster and develop ideas. Our more engaged members have the opportunity to join our leadership team and make a lasting impact at UVM by helping support other students entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in joining us in building a stronger, more connected and sustainable ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Burlington, contact us at EntrepreneurshipClub@uvm.edu

For more information and join the club at: https://clubs.uvm.edu/organization/uvm_entrepreneurship_club