Get Credit for Your Internship

An internship is a great way to gain professional experience, learn about a particular industry, make contacts, and test out the career field. An internship makes sense for these reasons, whether or not you are planning to earn credit.

In order to receive credit, you must enroll in a course connected with your internship. There are several course options, but all courses require that internship credit is agreed upon and enrolled in prior to the internship. That is, no credit can be awarded retroactively for work already completed. One has to be enrolled in a course connected with the internship and paying the associated tuition for the credits earned. The course will also require academic work to be done in conjunction with your internship, such as reflections, readings, essays, and/or other assignments.

It is crucial to consult with your academic advisor about internship credit to understand how credit would fit in with your graduation plan. The number of credits earned depends on how much academic work you complete and how much time you spend working at your internship (1 academic credit typically requires 45 hours spent at your internship). Please note that credit earned is most often elective credit, and does not typically count toward major requirements.

Note that getting paid and receiving credit have no bearing on one another. Some students earn both credit and payment, some students earn neither, and some students receive only credit or payment.

If you are interested in receiving credit for your internship you can enroll in BSAD 094, which counts towards your business electives.

This business-focused internship class allows students in the Grossman School of Business to earn credit for their internships. In addition to working at their internships, students must also complete a learning contract, weekly journal reflections, a final reflection, and be evaluated by their internship site supervisor.  For more information regarding BSAD 094 please see the document If you have questions or would like to enroll please email Amanda Simpfenderfer at

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